For Him

We were providing Hair styling and Scalp care for mainly Ladies but now finally we have good news for Men and Boys.

They always been neglected, when it comes to their hair styling and scalp care. They need Grooming almost every month. The symptoms they mostly feel, bad Hair Styling, Bad scalp condition which is full of symptoms like flacky, dry and scalp with extreme dandruff.

Their hair gets oily and greasy very fast, which cause discomfort itchiness and fungal infections.

They do home remedies based on their own research, they commonly use the products available at departmental stores marketing advertisment or recommendation of family friends.

Zulu Styles take extra step towards their hair wellness and introducing our Scalp and Hair Care programme.

Our scalp care programme design for client's who are living in Singapore which helps to maintain their routine care.

Hair and Scalp Testing


Hair Test is to examine the texture, density and elasticity of the current condition of hair. To suggest better treatments and cure for symptoms.


We examine hair with the help of scanning device that uses artificial intelligence. We use Hair patch test and Hair Bulb test too


To understand in depth about current Hair texture, it helps to find out Hair strength & weakness, density, damages and protein level.


15-30 Minutes

It is an affordable solution for everyone, it's not only for their Hair and Scalp health but also helps to improve their physical appearance with great peace of mind.

Scalp Wash Pro


We use professional customised products and equipment to clean your scalp impurities. Benefits: It helps to enhance physical appearance as well as scalp rejuvenation.


30 Minutes

Hair Styling

We have crafted thousands of Haircuts and have hundreds of reviews for our Signature Haircut.

We follow standard procedures, starting with a hair analysing, followed by a Stylish Haircut, a blow setting that best define you.


Our Signature Haircut comes with benefits galore!

  • Length Maintained
  • Volumized look
  • Easy maintenance; just wash and go!
  • Effect can last for 3 to 6 months
  • Open or tied, both look fabulous!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! 100%
  • Stylish haircuts to suit both traditional and modern look


We have provide hair cut for Men and boys


We provide safe hair styling and scalp care products, which are gentle to the scalp and hair. Our products are plants base and free from sulfate and other harmful chemicals. It is suitable for all hair and scalp conditions.

We are introducing daily Hair and Scalp wash.

Hair Wash (Shampoo)

Our Hair Wash is the perfect solution for your day to day Hair washing needs.

Scalp Wash (Shampoo)

Our Scalp Wash is a complete solution for your day to day scalp Cleansing needs.

Shampoo for Hair Growth

Our hair growth shampoo is the best solution for your better hair growth .

Serum for Hair Growth

Our Serum for hair growth is an advanced solution for healthy hair growth.

Scalp and Hair Care programme

We provide complete economical solutions and customisation for your Hair Wellness.