Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment Experience at Zulu Style.

Keratherapy is the most favourite service among women with any hair texture looking at making their hair look good.

Based on 12+ years of feedback on results and experiences we proudly presenting highly customised, involving 8 different types of Keratin products from renowned and highly recommended Keratin brands.

Type of Keratin Treatments

Experience our magical makeover with

  1. Green Glam Smoothening Treatment
  2. Green Glam Extreme Smoothening (plant based)

1. Green Glam Smoothening Treatment

Our Keratin treatment is of least maintenance and gives the most satisfying results. No wonder it has given us thousands of satisfied clients and outstanding reviews! When it comes to smoothening, clients come in with the main concern of Safety and lasting effect of the treatment; we very well take care of both.

Our products are safe and we provide an experience rather than a service.

Recommended with colour and highlights.

2. Extreme Green Glam Extreme Smoothening

Extreme Renewal aids in straightening the hair, making it 90% straight. It is ideal for thick and extremely curly hair. Also, best for those looking at taming their extremely frizzy hair.

  • Tames down the frizz and excess volume
  • Makes hair manageable and shiny
  • Easy maintenance
  • Damage repair
  • Iron-based treatment
  • Gives shiny and smooth hair
  • Long Lasting results for u to 3-4 Months
  • Treatment delivery time for up to 3.5 hrs

Key Points

  • *Keratin treatment does not give dead straight hair and cannot be compared with rebounding and other related treatments
  • *Keratin treatment at Zulu Style Singapore is Certified, one-of-its-kind and should not be compared with any local or International salons (Based on 12+ yrs of delivering the Keratin experience)
  • *Zulu Style Singapore uses only certified, renowned and HSA approved products.