Our Hair Styling

Our Signature Haircut is one of our bold identities and we highly recommend it!

We have crafted thousands of Haircuts and have hundreds of reviews for our Signature Haircut.

We follow standard procedures, starting with a hair analysing, followed by a Stylish Haircut, a blow setting that best define you.


Our Signature Haircut comes with benefits galore!

  • Length Maintained
  • Volumized look
  • Easy maintenance; just wash and go!
  • Effect can last for 3 to 6 months
  • Open or tied, both look fabulous!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! 100%
  • Stylish haircuts to suit both traditional and modern look


Style by Director

Feel like a celebrity right from being seated on our Director’s hot seat all through the haircut till our finale of super styling!


You either crib about something bad or you do something to change it!

Zulaikha or Zulu to many, chose the latter when she became the target of an amateur stylist who ruined her haircut at the raw age of 13. Her new hairdo neither gave her the courage to step out of home, nor did it give her peace of mind.

She almost went into a shell till her hair looked presentable. The impact of this incident was massive, and it inclined her toward doing something in the field of Beauty. And the rest as we say is history!

How Zulu Does it?

Ms. Zulaikha is very passionate about helping her clients and her genius zone lies in listening to them carefully and provide best solution based on their wants and needs.


Creative Stylist Ayesha

Ayesha, our Senior Hair Consultant, Creative Stylist and Zulu’s sister-in-law, is inspired by Zulu’s personal touch so much so that Zulaikha has crowned her with the title ‘Junior Zulu’.

Being in the industry for over 7 years, Ayesha understands the needs of her clients and works to perfection from start to end like a thorough professional.

She works her charm so beautifully around Haircuts that her masterpieces garner praises from even the most sceptical clients!

Team of Stylists

Our team of Stylists take inspiration from Zulu. Hard-working and determined to deliver the best, each member of the team blends their previous experiences and Zulu’s unique approach toward Hairstyling, giving you what we call the Signature Hairstyling

They have one common goal, to make customers happy and satisfied!