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Bio Energy Therapy

BioEnergy Therapy at Zulu Style

ZULU STYLE HOLISTIC STYLE Offering BioEnergy Therapy for


Are you experiencing hair loss? Having too many hairs in your brush or comb or around your house?
Embarrassed by thinning hair? Worried that your scalp is shining through? Tired of dry listless hair? Wanting luxurious thick hair again? Tried all the advertised “products” and still, the problem persists? Concerned about harsh dangerous chemicals in those “special” shampoos and conditioners?

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. However, when stress becomes chronic it will leave a lasting impression on your face. Acne, grey hair, and dry skin are just some of the symptoms that stress shows itself.

How does it Help?

The Bio-Energy Electro stimulates the pores at the scalp opening it up for follicles to grow. The Electro current also breaks down dead cells and promotes blood circulation to flow towards the scalp by thereby creating new cells to replace the dead ones. Regular and consistent therapy will enhance and quicken this replacement process.
Scalp stimulation also creates life in the hair bulb and follicle through good blood circulation.
It delays greying hair and prevents the spreading to other parts of your hair in the early stage of greying.

It helps the hair shaft by making it healthy and lustrous.

What is BioEnergy Therapy and how does it work? is it direct application via a machine?

No, and it’s not simply using equipment to apply on your body directly, rather it’s a vibration through this machine where our therapist help to transmit its current/ vibes through their fingers soft touch on the meridian points to improve blood circulation, re-activate cells, activate neuromuscular tissue, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, regulate the digestive system, purify the body, for beauty, fitness, anti-ageing and various other health benefits.

BioEnergy Therapy works through Meridian points.
Each BioEnergy Therapy session provides bio-frequencies designed to enhance and activate a particularly targeted body system.
Once delivered to your body, the BioEnergy waves emits specific frequencies to communicate with and to enhance your body’s nervous neurotransmitters in order to help your body naturally restore, revive, and rejuvenate itself.

BioEnergy Therapy is Super safe

All BioEnergy sessions are done
• No Drugs / No Chemicals
• Non-Transdermal / Non-Invasive
• No Known Side Effects or Interactions
• No Known Interference With Concurrent Protocols or Modalities
• No Pill Or Food Schedules
• No Restrictive Complicated Programs
• Consistent Ongoing Benefit / Relief

WHAT kind of issues can be treated with this

Body detoxification
Mental illnesses such as Parkinson Dementia
Back Pain / Slip disc
Menstrual issues
Gynaecological problems
Headache /Migraine
All kind of internal-external pains
Unblock meridian points
Regulates blood flow
Scoliosis and Slipped disc
Numbness and Tingling
Digestion Problems
And the list goes on!

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