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Director’s Haircut

  • How Zulu does it?
Zulu does it with her immense passion for Haircuts. She thoroughly believes doing
anything with all your heart achieves greater results. She backs her passion
genuine qualities and thoughts that make every haircut by her, a true masterpiece!
– Heart-to-Heart Connection
– Listening to understand
– Right Analysing
– Thorough Researching
– Travelling to explore
– Passion for helping others
– Providing home-like warmth
Meet the Hair expert and get ready to face a new you, a better you!
  • Director's Cut
Feel like a celebrity right from being seated on our Director’s hot seat all through the
haircut till our finale of super styling! Our Director’s super cool aftercare tips will keep
the celebrity feel alive till it’s time for your next cut! This one-of-its-kind experience

a. Hair & Scalp Analysing
b. Premium Wash
c. Director’s Cut
d. Styling & Application of Premium Serum
e. Personalised 1-on-1 Styling lesson

There is a beginning to every Story You either crib about something bad or you do something to change it! Zulaikha or Zulu to many, chose the latter when she became the target of an amateur stylist who ruined her haircut at the raw age of 13. Her new hairdo neither gave her the courage to step out of home nor did it give her peace of mind. She almost went into a shell till her hair looked presentable. The impact of this incident was massive, and it inclined her toward doing something in the field of Beauty. And the rest as we say is history!

Heart-to-Heart Connection

Ms Zulaikha is very passionate about helping her clients, and her genius zone lies in
listening to them. Be it their fears, problems or simply striking a candid conversation
to uplift their mood, Zulu connects to them and creates a comfort zone for them to
open up, that’s exactly why she addresses Zulu Style as a home.

  • Reviews
Reviews at Zulu Style are not just reviews; these are showers of Love and
Appreciation and Zulu call these Love Letters! Every tes s to her like a
whiff of fresh air bringing along oodles of love.
If haircut by Zulu blows you away, add into our treasure of Love Letters!
It takes one woman to motivate another. When you sit down with Zulaikha, no doubt
you are in for a stunning haircut, but what’s more, is that you’ll also experience a fire
of self-love ignited within you, thanks to Zulaikha’s motivational and educational
sessions that work towards lifting your spirits.
  • Cut from our Creative Director

Aisyah, our Creative Director and Zulu’s sister-in-law is inspired by Zulu’s personal touch so much so that Zulaikha has crowned her with the title Junior Zulu. Being in the industry for over 6 yrs, Aisyah understands the needs of her clients and works to
perfection from start to end like a thorough professional. She works her charm so
beautifully around Haircuts that her masterpieces garner praises from even the most sceptical clients!

  • Reviews

Aisyah believes every review is a blessing given to Zulu Style. It is a treasure that
Zulu Style has earned over the years and it continues to pour in.

Our Family

Ms Zulaikha

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