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Glamorous Hair



ZS Signature Haircuts

Our Signature Haircut is one of our bold identities and we highly recommend it! You

may wonder what’s so unique about our haircut? Well, you have to see to believe it!

We have more than 300 reviews for our signature haircut!



– Length Maintained

– Volumized hair

– Easy maintenance; just wash and go!

– Effect lasts for 3 to 6 months

– Open or tied, both look fabulous!

– Satisfaction guaranteed! 100%

– Stylish haircuts to suit both traditional and modern look

Duration: Up to 1 hour (Depends on Hair length)



Hair so clean, you’ll love it! We offer Hair Wash from Standard to Customised and everything in between!

Standard Wash

Treatment Wash

Premium Wash

Customised Wash

Basin Mist “treat & Shine’ Spa


Everything looks better in colour! Up your Style Quotient by indulging in some colour!

Root Touch Up

Global Colour

Fashion Colour



Keratin Experience at Zulu Style Singapore is the most loved experience among our clients, and there are reasons more than one!

Green Glam Protein Therapy

Green Glam Relaxer

Organic Relaxer

Green Style Smoothening

Extreme Green Smoothening

Special Hair Repair Spa

Difference Between Keratin and Rebonding

Our Green Glam Initiative

Good News for Expecting/Nursing Mothers


Hair loss is one of the most common concerns of people living in Singapore. And we know Healthy Hair grows from Healthy roots!

Difference between Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions

Our Team of Trichologists

The Hair Growth Clinic

Hair Growth Treatments

 Dermal Papilla Activator Treatment Program

Hair Growth Treatment Program

Scalp Maintenance

 Routine Scalp Cleansing

Sensitive Scalp Treatment Program

Anti-Dandruff Treatment Program

Anti-Fungal Treatment Program

Anti-Oily Scalp Treatment Program

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