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ZS Holistic Style

What is ZS Holistic Style?

In our attempt to provide a safe and sustainable environment, we offer a new set of
plant-based services – The ZS Holistic Style. A holistic approach to take care of your
concerns related to the safety of Hair and Skin treatments, and give you the purest of care especially during the most delicate stages of life.

Why ZS Holistic Style

People in Singapore face humid weather and chlorine infused water all through the
year. The exposure to which results in damaged skin and hair fall issues. While we
cannot bring about a change in the factors beyond our control, we definitely can
consider treatments that are within our reach.

ZS Holistic Style ensures you tackle the skin and hair issues holistically, so that your
skin and hair is nourished and the damage is reversed.

Green Glam Initiative

Our Green Glam initiative is a collection of plant-based products that contain more
than 88% plant extract. Every ingredient promises to work on your hair without doing any harm. In fact, since these products are chemical-free, they are gentle on your skin and boost natural hair health.

Good news for Expectant & Nursing Mums

6 in 10 women fear trying out new products or treatments when it comes to Hair & Beauty!
They most likely follow home remedies and fear visiting salons no matter how
desperately they need the treatment; this especially holds true for expectant mothers and Nursing Mums.

Zulaikha, our Founder and Director believe that at all stages of life, a woman should have the right to look good and feel great. Be it during the youngest days of her life, pregnancy- when she needs that extra boost to feel great amid the changes, or during the later years when she keeps her distance from trying new things. Our Green Glam initiative is an answer to their concerns.

Safety and Concerns

Green Glam Protein Therapy

Who says Keratin treatment is loaded with chemicals? With our Green Glam Protein
Therapies, you can flaunt stunning hair without the frown!
-All our products are Formaldehyde free
-We follow 100% plant-based treatment
-We use only safe Thermal Iron
-Our Ionic Hair Dryer ensures less heat damage
-Our Heat protection comb ensures no melting, easy hair ironing
-Our Bamboo comb is soft on hair and scalp

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