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Infinite Revival

Our Story

I have grown up watching my parents help people, everyone around me had something to give.
As a child, this was something that I observed so regularly that slowly and effortlessly this culture of helping and giving became a part of me.
My efforts maybe just a drop in the ocean, but I intend to keep adding several such drops as long as I can.
I call myself an optimist because I always believe there is light at the end of every tunnel!
This positive energy within me keeps me sane even in the most insane scenarios.
I never imagined, in my wildest of dreams that there could be something that could take positive energy and work towards healing people!
Until I met Michael. He introduced me to the BioEnergy Therapy, that channelizes positive vibrations into healing energy to relieve body pain and detox.
That’s it! I knew it was a call from the Universe that I take this up. I started diving into mastering the therapy.
I felt more positivity following me. I took up training myself for this therapy. It energised me, motivated me and things started to look clearer.
Now that I am certified to do this therapy, the positive energy within me seems to be multiplying.
You can experience what a 45-minute session can do to your body.
What is Bio Energy Therapy or DDS?
DDS, BioEnergy Therapy, BioElectric Therapy, these are names of the same treatment BioEnergy Healing.
What is this treatment? Where has this come from and who has started this? To get straight to the point, BioEnergy Healing helps with pain management without using any medication or going through any surgeries.
In the human body, there are 12 meridians that determine body function.
This means that majority of pains and health problems can be eased by fixing the meridians of the human body. BioEnergy Therapy does exactly this.
It frees the body from all the toxins and acids and makes it alkaline and energised.
The DDS Machine (CE Certified) generates a low-density vibration that is passed into the body to regulate the meridian.
These positive vibrations flow through the tips of the therapist’s fingers to the recipient’s body.
The Therapist then massages reflexology points and brings meridian back to health.
This 45-minute therapy is offered at Zulu Style Singapore which is 100% safe and works on all kinds of pains. Anyone from the age of 8 to 70 can benefit from this therapy.
This therapy is also known to be equal to 10 massages or 2 hours of yoga.

BioEnergy Therapy is Super safe

All BioEnergy sessions are done
• No Drugs / No Chemicals
• Non-Transdermal / Non-Invasive
• No Known Side Effects or Interactions
• No Known Interference With Concurrent Protocols or Modalities
• No Pill Or Food Schedules
• No Restrictive Complicated Programs
• Consistent Ongoing Benefit / Relief

WHAT kind of issues can be treated with this

Body detoxification
Mental illnesses such as Parkinson Dementia
Back Pain / Slip disc
Menstrual issues
Gynaecological problems
Headache /Migraine
All kind of internal-external pains
Unblock meridian points
Regulates blood flow
Scoliosis and Slipped disc
Numbness and Tingling
Digestion Problems
And the list goes on!

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