Our Specialities


Let your hair do all the talking!

Hair is the crowning glory of a woman. Every woman is born with beautiful hair, but over the years, there are many factors that hamper the health and texture of the hair. 

In Singapore, women face a lot of hair issues, which lead to breakage and hair fall. 

Haircuts at regular intervals, Hair Spa treatments and Keratin tackle most issues and work toward keeping hair in good shape and great health!

Worrying about what kind of Haircut to go in for should be of least concern to you. That’s why we are here. Our stylists deal with different hair textures and attend to various hair concerns.

Rest assured. You will not be disappointed, just like our hundreds of clients!

Healthy Scalp

Because healthy hair grows from healthy roots!


There’s more to Hair than just the texture. Look deep, your scalp has lots to show and tell!


With the Certified Nano Hair Growth Clinic Franchisee in Singapore, Zulu Style is the very 1st Indian Salon to run a Hair Centre as well. Our Centre too carries our glamour trademark and is far from any existing & expensive Hair Centre system that pushes packages; you have to visit to believe us!  

We offer a safe and highly effective hair and scalp solution for both Men and Women. Our Hair Growth Specialist conducts a detailed analysis and ascertains the correct diagnosis of your problems, thereby offering the ideal solution. Our state-of-the-art Scalp equipment and range of highly effective products bring about a positive change.

Flawless Beauty

Your beauty is our passion!

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. 

At Zulu Style, we give you more reasons to love yourself. 

From perfectly made eyebrows to full body waxing, we provide all services that enhance your beauty including our premium inhouse O.G.I. (Organic Glow Illumination) facial series, and relaxing facials with renowned International Beauty brands as well. You have to let yourself loose and immerse in ultimate luxury.


Turning Positive Vibrations into Healing Energy!

Is hectic lifestyle taking a toll on your body? Leaving you with several pains to deal with? Time to consider The BioElectric Body Healing. A revolutionary therapy that brings your meridians back to health and detoxifies your body too. Completely safe and free of medication, this BioEnergy therapy also helps detect pains that haven't surfaced but exist, thereby helping you know of issues years before these show up!

We also offer Luxury Body Spa treatments to help calm and relax your body.