Our Story


- About Us

The story of Zulu Style when a young ambitious girl from

Pakistan was gifted a trip to Singapore by her dear brother on a very special

occasion. His purpose was met when her face lit up with joy. Thrilled for her very first

trip abroad, the girl left her hometown with eyes filled with happiness and heart with

dreams. She loved the place and felt so much at home that she wanted to connect to

the place for life. Her love for beauty and makeup took her further to enroll herself in where with the support from her family back in Pakistan and the

zest to discover herself, she completed her course and started to work at a local


Being excellent at her work and doing everything with perfection garnered her

praises, which boosted her morale but brought about a feeling of insecurity in the

owner. No salary for months together did not stop this girl from giving her best each

time. One fine day, when she decided to leave, she was handed over mere $100 for

months of her hard work. With tears in her eyes and determination in her heart, in

few years, she went on to start her own Salon. This girl is none other than the beauty

expert and director of Zulu Style- Ms. Zulaikha. With the same determination she

continues to strive for the best when it comes to her clients and when it comes to

Zulu Style.

- Ms. Zulaikha’s profile

A passionate beauty expert and a mother of 3 gorgeous kids, Ms. Zulaikha strikes a

perfect balance between work and home life. To stay updated with the latest trends

in the beauty and skincare world, Ms. Zulaikha makes trips around the world, learns

new techniques and bring it in her salon to meet the needs of her clients.

   - Our Vision

Our Vision is to keep updating ourselves to meet the needs of our client. Introducing

new services and offers that add value to their money. 10 years into the business

and Zulu Style’s founder and aesthetics expert Ms. Zulaikha wished to thank her

clients for believing in Zulu Style to maintain the glamour quotient of their life. She

clubbed her idea into ZSMS Value Club with the vision to reward her loyal clientele

and build a long-term relationship with them.

Ms. Zulaikha’s passion is the driving force behind her every move, no wonder she

has a bunch of happy strangers converting to loyal clients.

- Our Mission

At Zulu Style, our mission is to enhance the beauty of every woman and empower

her with confidence to get going with life. Every woman is unique and so are her


In our first meeting with the clients, we listen and understand their lifestyle and every

aspect of their needs to provide a tailor-made solution that works best for them.